A New Approach is Needed to Engaging Millenials

There’s a significant challenge looming – just 29% of the younger workforce are engaged in their jobs. The problem will be exacerbated when we add the complexity of multi-generational workforces and “young ones” coming into our post-industrial organisations, expecting organisations of tomorrow.

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Lynda Carroll
What the Future of Work Means for Your Organisation

(Photo:  David Straight)

Do you focus on the fact that in the future most businesses will face major recruitment challenges and talent shortages, that there is a forecast of mass unemployment and growing inequality? Or do you focus on what we need to do now to prepare ourselves, our people and our organisations for this future which is waiting at our doorstep. Our response is critical to how we plan and how we frame the questions needed to prepare for this new future.

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The Future of Work and Our Responsibilities as Employers

(Photo: Chris Sisarich)

I believe our young people, as a result of so many factors outside of their control, face some very specific challenges as they join the workforce. Much has been written about their need to feel like they are having an impact; their need to be constantly be connected; and their need for constant recognition and instant gratification.

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