Get aligned.

Aligning culture, strategy,  governance and performance within your organisation.


Align Group is a small agency that has grown out of Carroll Consulting, an enterprise that has been supporting organisations to align culture, strategy, governance and performance for over twenty years. Our clients are from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in New Zealand and overseas. 

Align is pleased to have been appointed as an All of Government panel provider in the Business Change and Human Resources categories.

We believe that organisations need to be preparing their people and themselves to innovate today to be successful tomorrow.

For your organisation

This means developing a culture that is aligned internally and externally, bringing an authenticity to your interactions with people, customers, stakeholders, shareholders and community.

For your people

This means creating a workplace environment where people feel safe to challenge the norm, re-frame the questions and learn from mistakes - where people are excited to participate, and feel nurtured and supported to be more than they ever thought possible.



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Why We Changed Our Name

Carroll Consulting is now Align Group. The change is more than just a name – it captures our new focus, a broader team, and reinforces how we want to work with clients.

More and more we are being asked to work on exciting, complex projects that require a multi-disciplinary team of professionals.  We got to thinking “how cool would it be to build a collaborative, diverse team to deliver across all these areas as the need arises?” 

And so the Align Group was born, to reflect our past and our future direction, bringing together the diverse and talented expertise required to deliver on our clients’ needs, focusing on aligning strategy, culture, governance and performance.