Align Group has a holistic, multidimensional approach to four of the most important pillars of an organisation - culture, strategy, governance and performance. Align is a valuable partner to businesses excited to grow, develop and thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.


Horizon scanning and the future of work

Align can facilitate horizon scanning workshops with your key stakeholders, to identify what the future may hold for your enterprise and how you can best prepare your organisation and staff to embrace this future.  We are particularly interested in what the future of work will look like, and the potential impact advances in technology and an inter-generational workforce will have on organisations.   



Strategy, culture, purpose and planning

Align can work in partnership with you to develop, review or fine-tune your organisation's strategy, ensuring it is clearly articulated, aligned with your vision, and reflects your 'why' - your values and beliefs. 

Once you are happy with your strategy and purpose, we can work with you to develop a road map to achieve your strategy through facilitated business planning sessions with you and your  staff, ensuring their engagement and buy-in to the success of your enterprise.

If you identify that your values need to be changed to align with your strategy, we can work with you to develop a culture change programme to engage your staff and stakeholders in your new way of doing things.



Organisation Design and Development

Align can support you to design your operating model and organisation structure to support the achievement of your strategy.  We have significant experience assisting with mergers, acquisitions, new start-ups, and transformational change to address challenges in a variety of operating environments, including positioning organisations for the future. We enjoy exploring the impact such changes may have on talent management strategies and planning.



Governance evaluation and support

Align works with chairs and boards to determine key criteria for the successful governance of your enterprise, particularly where there are new board members or where your organisation is going through change.  

Once your criteria for success has been determined, we can assist your board evaluate their current performance, identify areas for improvement, and facilitate development sessions to build board cohesion and performance. We can also assist with board succession planning and implementation.



Executive coaching

Align provides executive coaching and support to senior leaders, chief executives, chairs and board members.  Our coaches have significant business and governance expertise, and enjoy sharing their knowledge with you and your people to support your success.



Operational HR Management Support

Align can help you ensure that your people systems and procedures are aligned with your strategy and culture to enable sustainable high performance.  For all your Operational Human Resource requirements from recruiting new staff, to employment agreements, reviewing your HR operating model, policies and procedures, and dealing with any employment problems, we can help.